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  • Kelly Mangan

#FallWritingFrenzy 2020

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Images: #5 (also #8)

Critique Age Level: Any (PB, MG or YA)

Word Count: 192


by Kelly Mangan

Today, I raked a bazillion leaves.

That red-orange mountain sure makes me smile.

But then Dad said, “Remember, Louise:

No jumping in our nice, neat leaf pile.”

No jumping? No jumping?!

That’s just so unfair!

Would Dad tell a blackbird

not to fly through the air?

Or scold the squirrels

when they chatter and scurry?

Or yell at a bunny,

“Stop being so furry!”

Would he put up signs

in the forest which say

“Bears cannot poop here,

so be on your way”?

Would my dad make a rule

that bees mustn't buzz?

Command the dog not to bark?

(Wait, he already does!)

What’s next, O King Dad?

“Cat are forbid to meow.”

“Trout cannot swim.”

“You can't milk a cow.”

“The fox cannot sleep

in its dark, cozy den.”

So when Dad turns his back

on the leaves, I dive in.

Falling, I’m falling!

Upside turns down.

My feet find clear blue,

instead of the ground.

As colors rush past,

they crackle and shake.

I think that I’ve made

a most dreadful mistake.

Then blinding-white light

speeds up from below,

and I springboard,

past Fall,

into pillows of...


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