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  • Kelly Mangan

What Sam Saw

Entry for the FALL WRITING FRENZY Contest.

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132 words

Prize Age Level: PB or MG (either is fine!)

Country: USA


By Kelly Mangan

Grownups didn’t see the things that Sam saw.

Mommy saw falling leaves.

Sam saw confetti for an ant parade.

Daddy saw pesky weeds.

Sam saw a last feast for the bees.

Auntie Ruth saw the weather report.

Sam saw cozy sweaters and hot cocoa.

Uncle Mike saw the game.

Sam saw laughter bouncing around their living room like a shiny rubber ball.

Grandma saw wrinkles.

Sam saw the hands that made pecan pie.

Grandpa saw dishes.

Sam saw the stories curling from Grandpa’s lips while they washed.

Sam wished his family could see what he saw, so he drew them a picture.

“Come see,” he said, and everyone gathered around— a snug circle of warmth.

“What did you draw, little man?” Daddy asked.


...Do you see?”

And this time, they did.

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