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  • Kelly Mangan

#PBCritiqueFest 2020

For all of my fellow KidLit writers, here's an excellent opportunity I wanted you to know about. #PBCritiqueFest (October 12-30th) is a raffle and Picture Book Community event being hosted by PB Author and Blogger, Brian Gehrlein ( On October 31st, 36 winners will be selected to receive a manuscript critique from an industry professional.

And, y'all, I'm not joking when I say industry professionals. The line-up of participants is impressive. We're talking KidLit authors, illustrators and agents like Ame Dyckman, Corey Rosen Schwartz, Josh Funk, Cori Doerrfeld, Carole Boston Weatherford, Megan & Jorge Lacera, Stephen Barr, and the illustrious Tara Lazar!

This contest is open to picture book authors and author/illustrators-- and you still have time to enter! Visit!

And a deep and heartfelt thank you to Brian, for hosting such a wonderful event for the KidLit community, and to all of the participants who have volunteered their time and energy to critique manuscripts and dummies. You all are the best! <3

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