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For Funsies


Digital. 2023

Author Portrait

Digital 2023

Author Portrait

Digital. 2023. Custom portrait for author Kristy Everington.

Tweeky the Owl.

Tweeky, the Hyper-Caffeinated Owl. Digital. 2022.

Valentines Sketch

Valentines Sketch. Digital. 2023

Teddies In Muh Pants Dance

Teddies in Muh Pants. Digital. 2021

Klington Cat Vol. 1

Referred Pain. Digital. 2021

You Aren't Alone

You Aren't Alone. Digital. 2022


Chromeon. Digital. 2023. A steel type Eevee.


Crystaleon. Digital. 2023. A rock & ground type Eevee character design.


Spectoreon. Digital. 2023. A ghost type Eevee character design.

Happy Pride, Y'all!

Pride Eevee! Digital. 2022


Costume. Digital. 2022

KidLitArt Chat Header

KidLitArt Chat Header. Digital. 2022

KidLitArt Chat Header

KidLitArt Chat Header. Digital. 2021

Window Seat

Moonlight. Watercolor and Ink. 2022

Anti-Aging Spell Gone Wrong

Youth Potion Gone Wrong. Digital. 2022


Fetch. Digital. 2021

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch. Digital. 2021

KIDLit411 Banner cityscape

KIDLIT411 Banner Contest (I won an honorable mention). Ink, watercolor, and digital. 2021.

Cozy Cuppa

Cozy Cuppa. Digital. 2020

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